Pew Research study

There’s a new study on news consumption habits. Read about it here.

A couple of thoughts: More people are getting more news from multiple platforms. (Not really all that surprising, but it reinforces the clear trend of media fragmenation).

More people are consuming news on mobile devices. (Again, no big surprise).

More than 37% of people surveyed said they had participated in the dissemination of news, via e-mail, social networks and such.

“Americans have become news grazers both on and offline — but within limits,” said Amy Mitchell, deputy director for Pew’s Project for Excellence in Journalism. “They generally don’t have one favorite Web site but also don’t search aimlessly. Most online news consumers regularly draw on just a handful of different sites.”

Also worth checking out, a Hitwise study that found Facebook users turn to broadcast media. And here’s a PC World article to wrap it all up.


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